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3 Tips to follow for middle class people during home construction

One of the most pleasant moments for a person is when he finally manages to construct his own home. In fact initializing one’s home construction is like a dream come true and a person is more than elated. However, with many times the spirits of homeowners is dampened by the increasing inflation and they satisfy themselves with a basic design. At other times, the failure to estimate the costs lead them to restrict their interior decoration dreams because of lack of funds.

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So here are 3 important tips to remember during home construction:

Right Estimation

One of the major problems that are encountered by the middle class homeowners is that of occupying the empty areas with ideal structures. Obviously, you cannot leave any portion of the house area empty. You need to construct something on it. Now, generally what happens is that, lured by the low prices of land, people buy a huge area of plot and sometimes they also go for double plots. However, they don’t pay the adequate attention to the most important thing: Budget. Here people make a mistake of ignoring the cost of painting and interior decoration or relying upon vague estimates.

However, once the initial phase of home construction advances further, the lack of funds start annoying the homeowners. The painting cost turns out to be way higher than estimated for some home owners while the others have to stifle their dreams when it comes to furniture and interior decoration.

So, it is very important to take into account the costs that will be required after the basic construction is over. It involves:

  • Painting Cost
  • Furniture and Furnishings
  • Lifestyle Fixtures like designer fluorescent lights
  • Wardrobes
  • False ceiling

And the most important thing: Do not forget to add the consultation and labor charges to the above.

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Ideal Structure

The complex home construction is another thing that can not only shoot up the overall construction costs but will also present a problem when it comes to convenience. While a triangular home or octagonal building seems quite classy and awesome from outside, it actually poses problems for the dwellers. Whether they need to arrange a Sofa set or buys a new curtain. Besides, due to the awkward triangular corners, much of the space remains unused. It can safely be estimated that 20 to 30% of the space in such structures is wasted. Most of the installations like plumbing, electricity fitting etc. favor general square structure. So, it also becomes difficult to go for plumbing and electricity fittings in the building structures other than square shape. So, it is always best not to be lured by the outer attraction of different structures and stick to the simple square shaped structure during home construction.

Minimize the Walls

One more thing that can dramatically minimize the home construction costs and at the same time increases the convenience is minimizing the walls. In fact, a considerable part of total building expenses is spent on building walls. Besides, with each wall you need to spend on embellishing it with wall hangings and other decorative items. Not to mention the painting cost. So, in order to avoid such a considerable expense you can either go for the half walls that not only makes the house look visually much bigger and airy than it really is but also increases the convenience. The housewife who is preparing food in the kitchen wouldn’t need to come all the way to the drawing room for serving food. She can just pass it over the half wall.

Similarly you can also go for several designer wooden partitions. Not only these partitions look great, but they also give you the liberty to change the look and design of the house according to your wish and requirements. If you are expecting sizeable number of guests, you can just shift all the partitions of the house and make it big enough to accommodate many guests at a time without any difficulty. Similarly, if you want to work at home sans disturbance, you can just take your laptop and chair and use movable partition to devote a portion of your huge bed room to convert it into a cozy office for you. The choice between half walls and movable partitions completely depends upon your preference. The lovers of a fixed design would go for half walls while those who love to keep on experimenting with their interior designs would adore the idea of movable partitions.

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The increasing inflation has made home construction a humongous task. It is very difficult to build your dream house if you belong to middle income group. Many people are not very good at calculating the home construction costs or planning an ideal design. Many homeowners fail to rightly estimate the different costs related to building a house.

Some are intimidated by the costs and either goes for a very basic structure. Others manage to follow their heart and spend more than their might to get a dream home design. However, there is a third option that is more practical and less expensive. We can call it wide design option where you can go for a wisely designed house, that looks great and save a considerable amount of money. A right and deep estimate of painting and other interior costs during eh initial phase of home construction can also help you to save a good amount of money.


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