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House construction : 4 things to remember to realize your dream house plan

Building a house is one of the major investment, both in terms of emotions and expenditure. So, it is highly recommendable to be very careful when you decide to build house. There are rare people who are gifted enough to carry out their entire house construction without the help of any professional builder and fewer still are satisfied with the outcome of their entire project. However, a majority of homeowners need professional builders to ensure that their dream house design should be constructed successfully without any functional hiccups. So here are a few things to remember while finalizing the builder or the house design

House Construction

Selecting the builder

Selecting a builder is of utmost importance in the entire process of House Construction. In fact, it is the builder who would directly be involved in overseeing day to day affairs purchasing building material and dealing with the laborers and professionals. An incapable builder can botch up the entire house construction. So you need to be extremely careful while selecting a builder.

  • Don’t merely rely on the online/offline reputation of the builder as it can be projected rather than being real. More importantly, an ideal builder for you is the one who can efficiently turn your dream house into reality.
  • Check with your close acquaintances, neighbors, friends, and relatives who have recently employed the builder’s services to build house. In fact, due to their direct experience, they would be in the best position to guide you.
  • Every builder has a specialty. Some excel at building a traditional house construction while others are apt at building modern house design. So, even a good builder recommended by a friend may not be good enough to suit your individual requirements.
  • The home design is something that cannot fully be explained in words. So before hiring a builder, you should ask them to show you their successfully completed projects. Professionally qualified builders shouldn’t have any issues in that house construction. On the contrary, they would invite you to have a look at their completed projects. Visit their completed projects and decide for yourself if it is the right builder to suit your design requirements.

Hire a good lawyer

There are a variety of activities, materials, and dealings involved when you build house. You need to follow the legal regulations and building laws, have to ensure that the builder should maintain the transparency in his transactions and most importantly you should have the foolproof structure to take action against him in case if his actions damage your investment or results in legal issues house construction. So you need to be careful before signing a contract as the matter of such contracts is generally garbled by the technical terms. So, you can hire a qualified lawyer to review the contract, suggest the changes and make you understand the entire matter in a simple layman’s language.

  • Before hiring a lawyer vet his qualifications and reputation
  • Have a detailed meeting with the lawyer explaining him your major concerns regarding house construction
  • It never hurts to take suggestions. So, check with him if there is any additional advice he can give you regarding the contract

Blend your house with street’s character

As a homeowner, you would like to build house that should be extremely beautiful and luxurious. However, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. If you are really well-off and would not want to sell the house in the future then you can follow your heart while you build house. However if you think that you might need to sell the house after, say 5-10 years, then you need to blend heart with brain and ensure that you should not find difficulty in finding a buyer house construction. Here are a few things to remember:

  • Visit other buildings of the vicinity and take inspiration of house construction from their design. While you would not (.and should not!) copy the ditto design house construction, it is advisable to ensure that your house should follow some fundamental characteristics of those houses that have a major impact on the price.
  • If other houses on the street have a single story, then building an expensive house with 3 or 4 stories is not recommendable even if you can afford it. It is because the future buyers would compare your house rate with the prevailing rates of the street and would be discouraged to buy your property because of too much difference
  • Ensure that your house should fit in the character of the street. Each street has its own character. There are up market streets with high-end gentry then there are streets ideal for middle-income families and so on house construction. So building a house fit for a middle-income group in a high-end street is not a wise thing as the high-end gentry would like to go for the street that reflects their lifestyle.
  • If you would like to change your home within 5-7 years to move to a better house depending upon your financial situation, then it is not advisable to spend much on fixtures, furnishing, and heavy furniture. It will not only augment your expenditure but will also make it quite difficult for you to move to a new location.

House Construction

Go for Local builders 

In fact, it is better to go for local builders having offices in the neighborhood.

  • Such builders are well acquainted with the land quality of a particular area and thus can offer you the best House Construction advice accordingly
  • Having a good experience in building houses for that particular area the local builders are already aware of the possible future problems arising out of a specific construction style. Hence they will design your House Construction in such a way to effectively rule out any possible future problems.


House Construction is a rather detailed process that involves many steps and tasks. Conceptualizing a dream home design is one thing and building the same in reality is totally different. Hence you need to find a builder for designing and constructing your ideal dream house within your budget. Your entire house design and functionality depends on upon the builder’s qualification and skills. So, you need to be extremely careful while choosing the right kind of builder. Apart from checking their qualification and competency you should also secure your position legally in case of any disputes or legal issues.


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